Contract Farming

We are currently farming 4,000ha of arable ground in 6 different counties in the South East and Central Scotland. We have 15 different Contract Farming agreements in place with clients all looking to benefit from the services we offer and recognising that these agreements enable them to maximise their income from the farm.

Contract Farming is commonplace in today’s arable farming sector, because they benefit both parties, with the contractor’s income mainly determined by the profitability of each hectare of crop rather than the contractors fee. It is therefore within our interests to grow suitable crops in a sustainable rotation for each farm, and that crops are grown to their full potential and harvested and stored on time and properly relieving the farmers of any concerns or additional costs throughout the duration of the contract.20110830_001

The first contract farming agreement we undertook began in 1994 and is still continuing which has meant we have gained experience working with lots of different clients, some with different priorities, but ultimately all want to maximise income from the farm without jeopardising their Single Farm Payment and importantly to continue to enhance the environment and biodiversity on their farm .

We offer our clients

  • professionalism both in field operations and admin of farm accounts and management
  • reliable and skilled operators who strive for high standards when carrying out all tasks
  • flexible machinery and equipment to establish & aid crop growth in varying soil types & weather
  • benefits of bulk buying inputs and through the Agricultural Commodity Exchange
  • new opportunities in cropping and techniques through links with suppliers