About Us

The Seed family have been farming in Berwickshire since 1931, and the current farming partnership was created in 1952 between Rose Mary & John Francis Seed. We have always aimed to expand the farming business through contracting and occasionally buying land when available which has increased the farming operation over time. The farming business has seen many changes, with sheep and cattle, organic farming, potatoes all making way over the last 20 years to streamline the business and concentrate solely on growing arable crops.

Daniel, David & Angus Seed

All generations of the family business have encouraged the trial and adoption of new technologies and equipment to grow arable crops as efficiently as possible without compromising yield. This has also benefitted clients that we are growing crops with through contract farming agreements.

David Seed has been a partner in the business since 1982 and has worked alongside Francis Seed throughout many of the changes which have resulted in us currently growing 4,000ha of arable crops in 6 counties in the South East of Scotland. David is also a director of Seed & Co, a chartered surveying business based at Cothill Farm where all farm administration is carried out, which has definitely benefitted the farm with quicker uptake and understanding of new legislation and opportunities in the rural sector.


Daniel and Angus Seed manage the day to day running of the farm alongside 5 full time employees. The farm is split into two different regions. The ‘Southern’ area is managed by Daniel and is run from Woodheads Farm, near Greenlaw in the Scottish Borders. This covers all land situated south of the Lammermuir Hills. The ‘Northern’ area is managed by Angus and is based at Westfield Farm, near South Queensferry in West Lothian, although we are currently building a new based close to Kirkliston which will become the base from 2016 onwards. The Northern area covers all ground in the Lothians, Stirlingshire and Fife.

We are fortunate to have dedicated and hard working men on the farm who take pride in their work, are conscientious when on contracted land and who can turn there hand to just about anything.

Harvesting West Lothian.Stewart Seed has recently returned home from Studying a Masters in Chartered Surveying at Aberdeen University. He will be the next generation in the Seed and Co business, but also takes a keen interest in the farm and helps out during busy periods. During harvest time, he has driven one of the combines in the North for the past 5 seasons. We have a strong family presence in a large operation which provides stability, an understanding of standards that have to be met and long term ambitions of the business.

While trying new machinery and establishment techniques when we can, we still provide a lot of flexibility with the machinery available to current and potential clients suited to different soil types and particularly different weather conditions, which means there are rarely missed opportunities.

Grain is dried and stored at separate locations, Greenlaw, Gullane, South Queensferry, Winchburgh and Dunmore all with access to weighbridges.